‘The Bus’ in Fresno, CA; article and interview Fresno Beehive

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May 2, 2013. A nice article from Fresno, California, about THE BUS that includes an interview with director Sara Staley.

“I think audiences will be surprised at how religion and the church is treated in this play. I think the show description makes it seem like a very “us against them” type scenario within the script and it’s not. While religion and the church definitely influences the characters’ decision making, how the story progresses, and relationships with one another within this town, the actual Golden Rule church depicted in the script has a very back seat (sorry, pun intended) role in the script in terms of the actual relationship between the two boys. I think “The Bus” does comment on how religious beliefs can influence our relationships with one another, how we live our lives, and how we look at the world. It also does challenge the validity of the black and white “right vs. wrong” teachings that religion often offers its followers.”

You can read the whole the whole thing here.

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